Women In Government

This graphic illustrates countries with the largest ratios of women in Parliament/Congress around the World.



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Amazon Sales Tax Law

For those following the Amazon Sales tax saga or Kerfuffle as Julianne Pepitone of CNN Money described it. Amazon has been fighting paying California sales tax since Jerry Brown’s budget was passed earlier this year.

This essentially gives Amazon a year relief before they begin paying taxes in the summer of 2012. What this means is that next year the state will begin charging amazon sales tax a cost that will trickle down to the retailers and the consumers.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel we have posted this great infographic by the guys at Fifth Gear, which shows which states have enacted, are fighting or have introduced the famous Amazon Tax Law for debate.

Amazon Tax Law infographic

This infographic is created by www.infifthgear.com/

[Via: FIFTH GEAR Fulfillment Services]


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The Kenyan Legislator: A Utopian Citizen

Load the Visualization by clicking on this link or the image below. To expand the visualization further click on the zoom feature on the bottom right hand side  after clicking on the link.

The Utopian Citizen is an infographic that aims to illuminate the disparities between the Kenyan members of parliament and the rest of the nations citizens.

Sources: the Daily Nation, the UK Guardian, The Australian, The BBC, the Tax payers
Alliance, the IMF, the UN, Voice Of America, the UK parliament, Kenya Revenue Authority,Parliament Of Australia, EU

The data range is 2008-2011.

MP salaries around the globe.

Country Yearly salary in USD Yearly salary in KES
UK 100227.6 8151512
Australia 115480.2 9392008
USA 173294 14,094,000
Kenya 160973.8 13,092,000
Italy 81288.38 6611184
France 77940.24 6338880
Sweden 85533.01 6956400

Exchange rates used.

in 2010 july: X-rate
AUDGBP 1.804
USDKES 81.33

Figures like salaries and taxes were calculated as base value. That means we did not include the allowances given to specific sitting members. If you do notice inaccuracies or simply have a question email us at ‘piepar at neembus dot com’

The PiePAR team believes that in order to get our message across we have to effectively collaborate, create (also verify) and share our work. That said we would like to extend an invitation to anybody out there who has any interesting ideas and contributions on data research and infographics. Drop us an email, @mention, poke or comment. (or any other creative way your would like to get in touch)

Afraid of Data? Not a problem, you can contribute a short article (Neem) to our crowdsourced news parent site neembusnews.com . See how to get started.

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